Viaggio Winery is a stunning venue for one’s big day, located in the middle of one of the most famous wine making regions in California, in the “heart” of Lodi’s Wine Country.

02_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 003 (Sides 3-4)


03_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 004 (Sides 5-6)


04_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 005 (Sides 7-8)


05_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 006 (Sides 9-10)

We loved this private bridal cottage for the bride and women to get ready in

06_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 007 (Sides 11-12)

Viaggio is a secluded and private estate with classic elegance surrounded by beautiful walnut orchards along the Mokelumne River.

07_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 008 (Sides 13-14)


08_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 009 (Sides 15-16)


09_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 010 (Sides 17-18)

The groom and groomsmen were simply charming and the bride was and lovely and elegant; that along with the incredible surroundings of the venue made for an absolutely stunning wedding day and wedding day photographs.

10_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 011 (Sides 19-20)

We were loving the grand staircase leading down to sweeping green lawns overlooking the Mokelumne River.

11_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 012 (Sides 21-22)

The golf carts came in handy getting around this lavish estate!

12_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 014 (Sides 25-26)

The wedding celebration took place under the shady, natural canopy of the beautiful walnut orchard

13_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 013 (Sides 23-24)


14_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 015 (Sides 27-28)


15_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 023 (Sides 43-44)


16_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 016 (Sides 29-30)

We snuck away from the cocktail hour to do create some gorgeous romantic portraits during the sunset before the reception started

18_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 018 (Sides 33-34)

The guests were enjoying themselves as well!

19_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 019 (Sides 35-36)


20_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 021 (Sides 39-40)

A sneak peek of the reception room before the guests entered

21_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 020 (Sides 37-38)


22_Viaggio Burgundy Spirit 022 (Sides 41-42)


Diana Miller Photography Weddings

Were the bride and groom avid Kings fans…? Or where they simply friends with the charismatic basketball playing lion..? Indeed they were friends with this larger than life mascot we have all came to love!  Slamson’s been entertaining the crowds at Sacramento Kings games with his high-energy antics for over 10 years. And he confidently did not disappoint these two love birds when he showed up that evening.

Diana Miller Photography Weddings

And they lived happily ever after!

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