I recently had the pleasure of going back to the NICU at UCDMC to photograph the docs and nurses there. It was really fun going back to see everyone again! I miss the old unit and taking care of the babies but I also love my photography job.  The nursery is in a new wing of the hospital and the unit clerk, Ramey, is making sure that all of the doctors have pics up in the reception area with their names, so the parents know who is taking care of their baby.  Below is Jay Millstein, the attending, who was there when I worked in the NICU in the ’90’s.  I think he was there a long time before that too…lol

My good friend Cathy Beltran and Jay

Ramey and Jay

Ramey, Cathy and Mel

Cathy and Ramey

Ramey and Mel

Gerry and Sue

Gerry and Sue

My hubby, Tom and son of Ronbo…lol  – both respiratory therapists


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