Little Blessings


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At Little Blessings, we provide complimentary portrait sessions for children in the Sacramento area with life limiting illnesses that normally would be unable to have a professional portrait made. The portrait sessions are not about capturing illness, but rather capturing a life filled with spirit, hope and courage.

Our volunteers are professional photographers who donate their time and expertise to create a keepsake portrait.  To do this, they photograph the child either in the hospital, their home, a park or the photographer’s studio and present the family with a disc of images to keep.  This heart-touching project has been ongoing since 2004.

At no time is the family, hospital or hospice ever charged for the photographer’s time or the digital photographs.

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 “We cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given this Kayla and her family. Your willingness to reach out on such short notice, and provide such a beautiful momentum to this family. It is through people like you and organizations like Little Blessings that help us in many ways continue to do what we do.  We thank you for sharing your gift of photography. You have provided such a beautiful memory for Kayla’s family.” 

Janelle Wei, M.A., C.C.L.S

Child Life Specialist – Pediatrics – UC Davis Children’s Hospital 

If you would like to participate in this personally rewarding project, please call Diana Miller, owner of Diana Miller Photography, at 916-729-5520.

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