I was so excited to host last month’s FOCUS: Women’s Photography group at my studio on April 1, 2011.  Our group has been meeting off and on for over 10 years ( I would guess!) and consistently every month for the past 5 years…?  Wow I need to check with Michelle Wood, who has been our “group mom”, keeping it together with monthly emails and coordinating with us as we take turns hosting the group at our studios.  It’s always great fun and fellowship meeting with other women in town to discuss the ups and downs of being a professional photographer in this crazy economy.  We laugh, share, eat, drink, hug, take pics (well usually I do, with my handy-dandy cell phone. I broke out the REAL camera for this momentous occasion!)  We have also taken a group shot in front of my portrait wall by the creek the last 3 years and we got a couple of good shots again this time.  I had to put the camera on my tripod with a timer as my family conveniently disappeared once the girls arrived…lol   We luckily had wonderful weather so we could enjoy being outside together.  I served a veggie and dip tray, lasagna, garlic bread, pesto-chicken pizza, chocolate and cookies as well as wine…plus many bottles were brought along by the ladies and shared throughout the night.  Since we some newbies :-), we also took time to introduce ourselves and talk about our business and how we got into photography. Some of us did wedding photography, some portrait photography, some of us did both + corporate, boudoir and events, and we even had a free-lance journalist and sports photographer in the group too! I really enjoyed hearing about all of the awesome ladies who were there that night.  Thank you to everyone for coming, and I look forward to seeing everyone in May!

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