Diana Miller Photography was invited to the VIP Launch Party for Grace Ormonde’s new book!

“Join the who’s who of Rhode Island at a VIP Book Launch Party for Grace Ormonde’s much-anticipated, hardcover book: Grace Ormonde Weddings – “being in love never goes out of style.”  There will be a limited number of books for sale at $125 each at the event, which Grace will personally inscribe to you during the party. Purchase early in the evening as we have run out in every city.”

Unfortunately, the party is in Newport, Rhode Island so we won’t be making this one :- (

FYI: This is a limited-edition, 416-page, 14×12″ oversized canvas showcasing more than 375 images. It is available exclusively at the VIP Book Launch Parties or online through http://www.graceormondebook.com

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