So where were YOU last Tuesday, November 4th, on Election Night?? DMP was asked to photograph all of the excitement for Kevin Johnson, our new Mayor-elect. My good friend/intern Ian Russell and myself covered the party at Zocalo Restaurant in Midtown Sacramento. Wow…talk about excitement!! Check it out for yourself-

Very Happy People!
Zocalo Restaurant
Ian with a guest

Jimmy Yee, Chair of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors
Karen Young, First VP, Sacramento City Board of Education

Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Council

Everyone also watched the big screen TVs covering the Presidential Election

Robbie Waters and Karen Young

Kevin Johnson wins the Mayoral race in Sacramento!

Betty Williams, Branch President, Sacramento NAACP

But before I went downtown, my daughter Annelise and I stopped the “infamous” corner of Sunrise and Greenback to see what all of the fuss was about re: the Prop 8 demonstrators. Check out the next post!

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