Here’s a sneak peek of Lisa and Darren’s Wedding at Sun City Roseville last month!

 Lisa and Darren kiss after their “first look”

 Lisa and Darren’s family were great to work with.  What a fun group of people!

The ceremony at “the rock” at Sun City Roseville.  It was one of our super hot days this summer, around 105 degrees that day! Luckily it has been a really nice summer.  Not very many days over 100 this year 🙂

 The Virassammy’s formal bride and groom portrait.  Such a gorgeous couple!

 I am such a sucker for romance.  I love capturing a couple’s intimate moments!

 The girls modeling like tigers around the hot Mr. V!

 And Mrs. V is being treated like the queen she is.  Keep her cool, boys!

 I just love Darren’s expression here. Adorable with a capital A!

The awesome wedding party.  We loved them!

Darren jamming on his bass with his band, the Caribbean Jazz Quintet!

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