Marketing and Branding Yourself

 With the magic of digital effects and technology, you can superimpose yourself onto virtual backgrounds, place yourself over animated digital backdrops, or use your image on any of your marketing material.

Read below to learn how some of our clients have used this technology to create a more personalized marketing tool for themselves and their business.



 Your portrait will be taken on a solid blue or green backdrop. 

Your retouched portrait that is emailed to you will look like it has a solid white backdrop…



But when your marketing team open the image, it will have a clear background- called a PNG…


which allows you to place your portrait on any desired background.  This effect makes branding yourself a breeze!


We can do this individually with each member of your team and also as a group shot as well, essentially allowing you to create any combination of employees for any given marketing piece.


We created a studio portrait for the Bertas, and they decided later to create a PNG for their marketing materials

The Berta Real Estate Team! 


Business portrait of a female

A team member from Dominick Brandon photographed at our blue screen in our studio

Dominic Brandon

A cohesive marketing piece was created for Dominic Brandon’s website


In another example, we worked with Sacramento developer Moe Mohanna, who was featured in a documentary about homelessness. The movie producers weren’t happy with Moe’s portrait in the original poster

and they asked us if we could create an updated portrait of Moe, using a green screen and digital technology to create a transparent background.

 We needed to be sure he matched the other people on the movie poster which meant matching his posture and arm up for the umbrella, as well as the lighting.

You can see the before and after below.

Moe Mohanna

The poster before

Moe Mohanna

Moe In our studio simulating holding the umbrella

Moe Mohanna

 The finished movie poster
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