Diana Miller Photography

Jeanette from Dreamnette Bridal gave me this lovely two tier 60’s Style Bouffant Bridal Veil to use with models or when I teach classes.  My daughter tried it on and with her hair swept to the side and the high contrast lighting it SO reminded me of bridal photos of friends and family from the ’60s!

The Bouffant Veil, which rises above the bride’s head in a cloud of tulle, was popular in the 1950s and early 1960’s. It was usually worn with a tiara or a high satin headband. But today’s bouffants are more understated and worn without a headpiece for a cleaner, more modern look.  This two tier veil is an elbow/waist length of 30 inches for both tiers. It is finished with a very delicate pencil edge.

I hope you enjoy this “quickie post”.  Let me know what you think about the veil and the portrait.  Thanks!

P.S. The lighting was done with a very common light, something you probably see everyday.   Who can guess what it is?









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