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After the matchmaking efforts of a mutual friend failed to come to fruition, Sarah and Anthony (A.J.) didn’t think they’d ever meet. Then, while working for the state Democratic Party, Sarah met a guy named A.J. and soon realized he was the same A.J. her friend tried to introduce her to. A.J. was smitten right away. His persistence paid off, and within a week, the two were dating. Six years later, the couple, who share a love for cycling, were on a cycling trip to one of their favorite spots in Marin County. After coming to the top of the climb, they decided to stop for a break, and when Sarah dismounted her bike, she turned around to discover A.J. on one knee. After a resounding “yes” from Sarah, A.J. asked if she wanted to head back to the car so she could call her family. Her response? “No way, we’re only half way done with our ride.” The wedding planning got under way almost immediately—after the ride, of course.

The couple knew they wanted an outdoor, fall wedding, so a vineyard seemed to be a top pick. Wilson Vineyards was the first site they visited, and between the gorgeous setting and the hospitality of the staff, they knew they didn’t need to look any further. Wilson’s offered several all-inclusive packages, which provided the services of preferred vendors all of whom have worked together and were very familiar with the vineyard. For Sarah, who at the time was living in Texas, the idea of having preferred vendors gave her peace of mind and helped her establish the mood of her wedding early on: relaxed.

The rehearsal dinner was one of the highlights of the event. A Texas-themed barbecue with nearly 50 guests enveloped the casual nature of the soon-to-be-wedded couple, and created great anticipation for the following day’s festivities.

The intimate, family-focused wedding boasted the fun, relaxed atmosphere that Sarah and A.J. set out to achieve. Sarah arrived at the wedding site in a horse-drawn carriage and was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw her groom. Both of her parents walked her down the aisle, which was very important to her, and next to the couple stood a small, but special wedding party. The pair had so much fun on their special day; they wished it could have gone on another five hours. And the next day, Sarah jokingly put on her gorgeous gown hoping to do it all over again.

P.S: The best “save” of the day goes to Diana Miller and her team for making a last minute call to Michael Sommerfield of Miosa Couture. About two hours before the wedding, my sister-in-law put on her dress only to find that, despite being altered,(it was purchased and altered back east) it was still about two sizes too big. Diana called Michael and my sister ran down the block (we were staying at the Citizen Hotel) and Michael fixed her on the spot.  

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