Associate: Ricardo

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX…The more you learn, the more you develop, and eventually the box is deconstructed.

Ricardo WingsonTo think out of the box becomes almost impossible. You begin to look through the cracks, search for any new ideas, take old ideas and redevelop them, making them your own. We all have dreams, goals, beliefs and ideologies… to reach one’s dream, conquer one’s goal, and accept a belief that is part of life. Each one of us has a story to tell, has been through experiences that will change us forever and has a vision that remains with us eternally. I am who I am. I am a dynamic individual, very goal orientated and yet find that I adapt to a given situation with ease. I truly enjoy being in the presence of family and friends, and love a good movie as much as I enjoy wedding photography. I try surrounding myself with positive thinkers and Diana Miller 🙂