I thought this video was pretty interesting to watch.  The photographer obviously doesn’t know much about photography – she can’t even answer a basic question like “how fast is your lens”.  The bride is close to tears over her bad photos and even the judge is questioning why is she calling herself a “professional”.   I take my job very seriously and wouldn’t even consider photographing a wedding until I had many years of photography classes, good professional equipment, back up equipment, an assistant, and knew about how to plan the day with my brides. Maybe it is my background in being a RN for 14 years, but I believe in planning, knowing what you are doing and going above and beyond for my clients.  I realize that this is a one-shot deal, and you can’t do a re-take of a wedding day.  I was also very disappointed with MY wedding photographer (August 11 is my 25th anniversary!) and I STILL regret that I didn’t research photographers more and invest more into my wedding photography.  I remember thinking, “he must be good, he has nice pictures on the wall and has an office” and  also didn’t realize there was such a wide variety of photographers out there.  We didn’t spend any time planning, he took a super long time taking all of the photos, we did nothing ahead of time so the guests were kept waiting and waiting, and to top it off he was grouchy and arrogant.  Great memories, huh??

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