In May 2016, Women’s Empowerment had their annual Gala at the Red Lion Hotel Woodlake.

Diana was fortunate enough to be able to capture each and every graduate.

Hear what Lisa Culp (Executive director and founder of Women’s Empowerment) had to say about the portraits Diana created:

“Diana, We are always so grateful to have you be a part of Women’s Empowerment. You bring beauty and wonderful memories to special occasions. Your photos capture the magic of the moment and the beauty in every person!  The [portraits] are beautiful! You captured not only their beauty but their personality! Thank you so much!”

Womens Empowerment 2016

What a great occasion to be able to give back to our community.

Women’s Empowerment provides life and job skills to homeless women in the Sacramento area.

Upon graduating many of these women have jobs and prospects, which is a wonderful example of the growth they’ve made!

All the dresses being worn are donated throughout the year.

This allows the women to dress the part of success and celebrate their hard work at the yearly Graduation Gala held at the Red Lion Hotel.


However, their story’s are not always so cheerful, because lets face it “Being a homeless mother is so hard.” – Chanelle 

Read about Chanelle and her daughters come back from the treat of homelessness, the same threat that so many people face each and every day.

If you’d like to help in any way, feel free to check out Women’s Empowerment’s website: Women’s Empowerment

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